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In-Person Training

Training and development of social assistance offices is ONWAA’s primary purpose and the majority of the work we complete.  ONWAA is committed to addressing training and development needs for the membership. Upon request ONWAA has several off the shelf products to be delivered or we can design training and development to meet your needs. Contact us and we can discuss areas of concern and ideas with you to ensure that we deliver appropriate material, directed at the right target audience with the right mix of supports for your team.

Head Office

ONWAA provides “in-house” one-on-one training to members First Nation Social Service Administrators and caseworkers at its head office. ONWAA researches and conducts analysis of all provincial and federal policy changes or introductions. Conclusions are communicated to the Ontario Indian Social Services Council and the ONWAA membership during semi-annual assemblies.


ONWAA holds two province-wide assemblies each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. ONWAA members receive a 66% decrease in registration fees for each of the assemblies; which concentrate on providing quality training and professional development excellence.

Regional Training

ONWAA provides innovative and collaborative training to First Nations by region when requested by the membership. ONWAA will work with the regions First Nation Ontario Works Administrators to develop diverse and localized custom training for their staff.


Upon request, ONWAA will design presentations that are specific to the First Nation Social Services Administrators’ needs. ONWAA is committed to addressing training needs for the membership.

Energy Office

ONWAA currently does intake for the OESP Credits for First Nations.  They can help residential account holders that are finding it difficult to keep up with their hydro bill.  Most households will qualify for one of two different programs that are available.  Please contact us at 1-844-885-3157 or 705-941-0993.  They also service some Hydro One Remotes and Algoma Power locations with LEAP applications.
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Online Training

ONWAA develops E-Learning courses in a variety of areas. The First Nation Delivery Agents may request specific learning topics for their staff. These can be delivered either thru full course or thru micro-sessions on various topics via webinars. These sessions are approximately 1 hour in duration and provide an overview of various special topics. Invitations to webinars will be sent to Administrators via email. Administrators can register their staff.                    


The First Nation Social Services Administrators’ Certificate program accredits six university credits, and provides participants with the knowledge and tools to administer the Ontario Works program in their respective communities. The FNSSAC program is a 4 module certificate offered in partnership with Algoma University.


The Homemakers program is intended to provide support services in the home to those individuals who would otherwise be unable to remain at home. The homemaking service is used to assist people, who are elderly, ill or recovering from an illness within their residence through a defined range of services, to remain in their home and community.
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Additional Services

For over 45 years, ONWAA has established a reputation as a leader in customized design and training in the delivery of social programs. ONWAA engages a wholistic approach and delivers culturally appropriate training. Blended with its accomplished and experienced staff ONWAA can provide customized products to meet your needs thru use of technology or for delivery onsite.

There is an annual membership fee of $1000 per community in Ontario. ONWAA also secures various projects to provide specialized training and services to First Nations thru contracts. These services are available to all First Nations in Ontario or dependent on the contract.

First Nations, delivery agents or other entities may engage ONWAA to provide customized training and speciality services on a fee for service basis. Fee for services are offered at relatively lower rates to ONWAA members. Non-members can expect to pay $1600/day plus actual travel costs to utilize our staff, training and resources. Membership receive significant discounts on the daily training rate.

Policy Analysis

ONWAA staff review and dissect policy issues that may effect a First Nations delivery agent. They provide potential solutions to up coming policy changes as well as advocacy on behalf of the membership.

Help Desk

ONWAA offers a call in help desk available to members. ONWAA can help with Ontario Works policy interpretation and other social program questions. The help desk can be reached at. 1-877-291-7542.


ONWAA develops many resources to help with program delivery. Resources include: job aids, training workbooks, supplementary forms, brochures and client marketing strategies.