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Administrative Funding for First Nations Social Services Staff Report 2022

August 12, 2022

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Chi-Miigwetch to ONWAA members and staff who took their valuable time to make this report a success. The final report is now available on our website - ONWAA

The primary purpose of this research project was to develop recommendations for consideration of a renewed funding formula that would support the administrative needs of First Nation Income Assistance Social Service Administrators and staff in Ontario.  There is heavy emphasis on Ontario Works Funding Agreements that fall under the 1965 Indian Welfare Agreement, however considerations for Federal funding agreements are also present in the report. Findings of the report emphasized the intensity and complexity of work done, the evolution of the Income Assistance program, the increasing staff competencies required, wage parity between First Nation Income Assistance staff and municipal staff, the comparison between full-delivery and part-time delivery agents, and COVID-19 pandemic impacts.  It closes by making recommendations that could improve funding for cost of administration for First Nation Income Assistance staff.